Big Rock Stands By Citation Decision

The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament says it doesn't plan to change its mind on which boat won this year's controversial tournament.

In a statement released Friday morning, the tournament says its board of directors "has remained firm in it decision" to disqualify Citation from the top prize. The tournament says other media suggests that the board had not made a final decision in the case.

Big Rock did say that a lawyer for Citation was given the chance to present their case to a representative of the board and its lawyer on Tuesday. "However, at no time prior to, during, or since the meeting has the Board expressed any intent to change its decision," said the statement.

Citation was disqualified June 22nd after the tournament learned that a crew member on the boat did not have a state fishing license, a requirement under Big Rock rules.

The board voted to give this year's top prize instead to Carnivore. That crew now receives the $999,453 first prize money for catching a 528-pound marlin.

Citation filed a lawsuit in Dare County, asking that a judge declare them the winner.

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  • by brandon Location: greenville on Jul 24, 2010 at 07:21 PM
    To Jim of Grifton, Just to clarify when you say "the rules are the rules not suggestions". Are saying that all rules/laws should be writing in stone, and up held to the highest letter of the law with absolutly no grey area or leniency aloud. That all rules/laws once invoked may never be changed or tweaked for any reason at all. Is this what you are saying? Is this what you truely believe in, and you are will to stand behind this statement no matter what! Please respond back.
  • by Reality on Jul 24, 2010 at 12:56 PM
    Justice, according to FEDERAL REGULATIONS when fishing in the Ecsclusive Economic Zone you are under the rules and regulations (including licenseing) of the state in which you are returning to port. If I really need to dig through the regulations to find it for you I will, but the reason I'm familiar with this law is simple, I've had a person on my vessel ticketed outside state waters. Sorry you can't admit that you don't know everything. Likewise I'm no genius, but I'm correct on this one. Yes tickets can be fought, and they can be inproperly handed out, but the NCDMF would not knowingly ticket the man wrongly in a high profile case like this, also, not sure if you've ever used a cellphone on a boat before, but more than 3 miles out MOST carriers phones will not receive a signal.
  • by Justice on Jul 24, 2010 at 12:55 PM
    Jim, still waiting on where you find your 1:16 response. I can't find anything anywhere on NCMF website where everyone on the boat must have a fishing license. Please give that link where thats written as state law. I did find other resources as I posted earlier to contradict that claim including the 3 mile rule. As you will see, they violated no NC general statutes. I know you are hung up on the quote in BR rules as to the reminder of the NCMF rules, but upon farther investigation, you will find there were no rules violated. Now everyone here who wants to debate this, post something to back up your claims other than the BR unenforceable reminder on the BR website which NCMF website contradicts. BR clearly made a mistake on this ruling, and too stubborn to admit it. Also, the state record for blue marlin is 1228.08lbs caught in 08 for everyones info.
  • by Jim Location: Grifton on Jul 24, 2010 at 09:23 AM
    Hey Brandon, 55 doesn't mean 56,or 57 or 58 etc. It means 55. The rules are the rules not suggestions.
  • by don Location: new bern on Jul 24, 2010 at 07:18 AM
    why not give the prize money for the larges marlin caught to the Citation which they did catch ,fine the mate and give other boat the money for wining the big rock .Then do what ever is to make sure that everbody understand the rules .This would keep the lawyers out of the picture
  • by Justice on Jul 24, 2010 at 07:14 AM
    To 6:55, your view that everyone is guilty of whatever charge is leveled against someone is beyond being worthy of a response. I suppose we should just do away with the court system since everyone is guilty. I quoted straight from NCMF website, and I am sure these issues will be brought up when the cases get to court. But then if you had your way, there would be no need of a jury.According to NCMF, no one needed a fishing license outside of 3 miles, only to be able to land the fish when returning to state waters. Of course, you just bend over and take whatever gossip you hear, without accually reading the law/rules as they are written. I find no where in the written law, thus far, in the general statutes of NC, where they violated any laws. Of course you wont take the time to read GS's, you rely on hearsay.
  • by Reality on Jul 24, 2010 at 03:55 AM
    Justice, a license being purchased AFTER the fish is caught does not make it legal. It is written clearly in previous stories on this matter that Peter Waan was cited by the NCDMF for fishing without a proper license. They would not have written him a citation had the fish been brought in legally. Also, you've OBVIOUSLY never fished offshore for such a species, the mate was required to hand line once the lines leader was to the boat, and help fight the massive fish on board, he alos bited and ran out lines. By definition he was fishing. As bad as you want the rules to be inapplicable to this team it just isn't so. Sorry, but your boys have no case.
  • by Ray Location: Farmville on Jul 24, 2010 at 12:35 AM
    ok---enough about the big rock tournament. Its come and gone. Next year if they decide to fish again try to follow the rules!
  • by Justice on Jul 23, 2010 at 10:54 PM
    This was found at: The license is required to recreationally take finfish in the state’s Coastal Fishing Waters, which include sounds, coastal rivers and their tributaries, out to three miles in the ocean. Recreational anglers who catch fish in the Exclusive Economic Zone (3 miles – 200 miles offshore) will be required to have this license to land fish in state waters. This tells me that all they had to do was have a license to bring the fish ashore when they got back to port, which he purchased before landing the fish, and with the previous post, only the person who was fishing was required to have a license. And when two conflicted laws are posted (and I have not yet found where everyone must have a lic), the jury will favor the defendant. To Jim, looking at and NO WHERE do I see your claim from 1:16, please give me another link. ITS NOT on this one.
  • by Justice on Jul 23, 2010 at 10:40 PM
    This is right off NCMF website today: Recreational Commercial Gear License The Recreational Commercial Gear License is an annual license that allows recreational fishermen to use limited amounts of commercial gear to harvest seafood for their personal consumption. Seafood harvested under this license cannot be sold. Fishermen using this license will be held to recreational size and possession limits. Unlicensed individuals can assist in fishing, but at least one person must have this license if any of the gears listed below are used. If on a vessel, the number of recreational possession limits of fish allowed is equal to the number of license holders aboard that vessel. This license cannot be transferred or assigned. This clearly contradicts the NCMF rule everyone must have a license, which I have not been able to find, the link provided by Jim at 1:16 is broke. Continued...

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