Three Former Deputies Indicted By Federal Grand Jury

There are more federal charges brought against former lawmen in Carteret County, two who ran for sheriff in 2006.

A federal grand jury has indicted three former deputies on charges they embezzled funds that were supposed to go for drug investigations.

Frank Galizia, Boyce Floyd, Jr. and Mark Farlow were indicted Friday on charges of conspiring to embezzle and intentionally misapply drug funds along with aiding and abetting the embezzlement of those funds.

To read the indictment, click the link at the top of the story.

Galizia was chief deputy and unsuccessfully ran for sheriff in 2006. Floyd was a drug and property crimes detective, who also ran for sheriff, and Farlow worked as a drug detective.

The feds say during 2005 and 2006 the trio requested almost $100,000 in drug fund checks which were then turned into cash. The indictment says before the drug detectives used the cash for drug-related matters, Galizio would first take the money to Sheriff Ralph Thomas who would take a "substantial portion of the money, often 25-50%." Thomas and former Deputy Chris Cozart were indicted in March on similar charges.

The indictment says Farlow and Cozart believed Thomas was taking a cut out of every check, when in fact the sheriff was only taking a portion of checks cashed by Galizio. The indictment says Galizio was pocketing the cut from checks that they cashed.

The feds say when Floyd was a drug detective back in the 1990's he helped the sheriff embezzle money and also stole drug money himself. Farlow is accused of borrowing drug money to pay for gas, groceries, and other items.

The indictment says even a portion of Sheriff Thomas' retirement money was paid for by drug funds.

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  • by Law Enforcement on Apr 23, 2010 at 06:52 PM
    Yes we dont get paid alot like other jobs but to Double D all those people can easily break the law. Teachers involved in sex scandals, i believe thats going on alot, nurses that steal medication, etc.... I dont believe that LEO wife was meaning it that way. I see it as saying instead of paying all this money for elected officials to get their raise every year, it should be delivered to people that worked hard everyday.
  • by double D on Apr 21, 2010 at 06:49 AM
    no asked you guys to become law enforcement officers, we all could use more money, stop crying about it. Just because you're poor doesn't give you the right to embezzle. I don't drive a brand new car so I don't waste money on a car payment, etc. Cable TV, nice cars, and brand new clothes are luxuries, not necessities. None of us get paid what we should: therapists, nurses, teachers, the list is endless. We all have important jobs in our communities (trash collectors, firemen, utility workers, etc.) and we all have an obligation to do what is right, especially those charged with enforcing the law (whom also have the easiest opportunity to get away with abusing it).
  • by Steve Location: Rocky Mount on Apr 21, 2010 at 06:05 AM
    Maybe folks should stop living beyond their pay scale. You don't have to have $1,000.00 house payment or $1,600 car payments. An Elantra instead of a Tahoe would'nt kill ya either.
  • by LEO Wife #2 Location: Beaufort Co on Apr 21, 2010 at 05:55 AM
    I agree with you LEO Wife, they are absolutely underpaid to keep us safe by putting their lives on the line. However, I do beleive that what these guys did is wrong. I do know that not all cops are crooked and I hope that society doesn't loose respect for the LEO that are loyal to their profession in serving and protecting our communities, like my husband.
  • by Justice on Apr 21, 2010 at 04:54 AM
    Anyone here crunch the numbers on what it takes for a family of four to live. Lets round em up as monthy pmts, 1000. house pmt, 2 vehicles at 800pmt/insur, 500 util, 125 cell phones, 60 cable, 800 health insur, 150 gas, 150? clothes, 500?food, what else>>> we are already at 4100 a month. People are stretched out and looking ways to buy little sally and tommy new nikes and take em to the movies, to take vacations. Its easy to see WHY they do it. Anyone without a strong intergrity and conscience could easily fall prey to illegal opportunites, especially when they are stuck in jobs which arent or barely making ends meet. With no quick answers to get more pay.
  • by ozone Location: belhaven on Apr 21, 2010 at 04:28 AM
    Where are the mugshots?
  • by LEO WIFE on Apr 21, 2010 at 04:28 AM
    As a law enforcement wife, I can say this...All of this kind of behavior would stop if our law enforcement would get paid what they should! Obviously, my husband doesn't do anything like this, but as we're struggling financially, I can understand how some probably can't resist. It's dangling in front of them day in and out, and when you get paid so poorly for "putting your life on the line" it's just sad that they resorted to illegal activities.
  • by slickwillie11 on Apr 20, 2010 at 08:00 PM
    They took oath to up hold law but decide to break the law, you not above the law. The choice you made was wrong so you have to pay the price.
  • by OpenCarry on Apr 20, 2010 at 07:21 PM
    When did NC change the emblems on the side of police cruisers from "to Serve and Protect" to now say "to pillage and wreck"? When did they make it a job requirement that you had to be well-versed in embezzlement to work for the government in this state? What's up with all the embezzlement in NC these days?
  • by HIDDEN ALSO on Apr 20, 2010 at 06:49 PM
    It is a shame. I know Ralph. I am shocked. Wish you and your family well.
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