Hospital Says Trustees Meeting Won't Take Place

The future of who manages the Beaufort County Medical Center may have to wait a while longer.

A special meeting was scheduled for the Beaufort Regional Health System Authority that could include a vote on the management agreement with the University Health Systems. The health system is also in the midst of exploring selling the hospital due, they say, to the economic downturn.

Just before noon the hospital sent out a notice saying the special 1:00 p.m. meeting cannot take place because state law was not followed.

The meeting was called by three board members, while the hospital says five member signatures are required. The hospital also says some meeting notices cited incorrect bylaw sections, while inconsistent notices were sent out.

Meanwhile, the hospital's four highest ranking employees were approved for bonuses in March, despite the $1.57 million debt. That's according to the Washington Daily News. The paper says the bonuses are 20% of their salaries, and they must stay with the hospital until next March to receive the bonus.

The Beaufort Regional Health System Board of Trustees met Tuesday afternoon.

Two important points came out of the meeting.

The board plans to hire an executive management team from University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina in Greenville to come in and manage the hospital while its fate is being determined.

There is no word on the cost.

We're told the management team will take over the tasks previously handled by Bill Bedsole, the CEO who recently resigned, as well as other management items.

The board also drafted a resolution to send out requests for proposals from parties interested in buying or leasing the hospital.

Some were for Tuesday's decisions, while others were not.

"This board has sat here day after day, tears running down their faces, telling me how they care about these employees," said Hood Richardson, who is on the board. "I do not see that. I quite frankly see some people that try to dump a problem as quickly as they can get rid of it."

Sandy Hardy, the chairman of the board, said the decision to bring in an outside management team is a positive one.

"They have a proven track record of looking after the health care of eastern North Carolina," Hardy said. "They have done this before at other distressed hospitals. They have a good track record and I have good confidence in them."

We're told Hardy is meeting with the UHS management team Wednesday.

The request for proposals issue will be taken up again at a special meeting of the Hospital Authority Board on July 13.

After the CEO of Beaufort County's Hospital resigned suddenly, the Board of Trustees decided to name the next person in line to manage the CEO's day to day responsibilities.

The Board called for a special meeting on Thursday, only to cancel it. A spokeswoman says the hospital is following its chain of command and has put Susan Shaw Gerard in charge of longtime CEO Bill Bedsole’s responsibilities.

The Hospital Board will meet at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday. According to the spokeswoman that’s when an interim CEO will be named.

As Beaufort Regional Health System explores affiliating with another health system, longtime CEO Bill Bedsole has announced his resignation.

Edwin “Sandy” Hardy, Chairman of the Board of Beaufort Regional Health System says that after 23 years of service to the health system, CEO Bill Bedsole has announced his resignation to pursue other opportunities.

Hardy says, “We appreciate Mr. Bedsole’s dedication and service to our hospital and the health system and wish him well in his future endeavors.” In the interim, the remaining members of our Administrative Team, with guidance from the Board of Trustees, will continue leading the daily operations of the health system and meeting our mission of providing safe, high quality health care to our patients.”

The Board of Trustees has a meeting scheduled for Thursday.

The health system is in the midst of exploring selling the hospital due, they say, to the economic downturn.


Leaders at Beaufort County Medical Center say the economy has made it difficult for the hospital to stay independent.

The hospital believes that they need to join the national and state trend and affiliate with a larger health care system.

The hospital has put out proposals and they are still waiting for them to all come in, to see who they may merge with.

Hospital officials say other reasons for the tough financial situation include people losing jobs and health care coverage while their health care needs remain the same.

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  • by Anonymous on Sep 27, 2010 at 01:41 PM
    What is this about money laundering with DME Ventures, LLC?? Is this affliated with LMH? The news reported last week LMH is operating the last two months on 2 million $$ deficit. I researched DME Ventures, LLC and it was formed from BCH. Can someone investigate this and tell the citizens.
  • by RN Location: wash on Jul 7, 2010 at 06:59 PM
    I agree with 2nd floor. The staff at BCMC are great, speaking from experience of working with MANY of them in the past several yrs. I also experienced and observed several of the higher up mgt decision making sessions. I think the mgt became quite disconnected from the staff on many issues, causing alot of grief as you see in the notes. Once new mgt is brought in, I think the hospital will cont to settle down and grow bigger and better. Dont take it out on the staff, they are very qualified and can match any other hospital! Keep up the great work RNs, CNAs and staff. Support each other through this. Many of us in town and Beau Co do !!!!!!
  • by worker bee Location: big hive on Jul 7, 2010 at 11:44 AM
    This is so embarrassing. Like a bad episode of NJ housewives. AHH for the gold old days when those in leadership positions had some dignity and were worthy of respect. Sniff sniff it makes me sad to think how this BOT looks to our community and possible new leadership. To blame managment at hospital for all our problems is short sighted. I hope everyone will remember that the BOT signed off on all major decisions. Now tune in for another game of HOT POTATO...
  • by RN SECONDFLOOR on Jul 7, 2010 at 10:01 AM
    APOLOGY ACCEPTED: Everyone please needs to understand that yes, BCMC is an excellent hospital and the doctors and nurses work hard to provide that great type of care. I think though, when you see upper managment employees getting a 20% bonus while the rest of us are busting our A-- off at the same time, it becomes somewhat disheartening. It is definitely not a morale booster in any sense. NO, most of us do not have choices. We work like everyone else. I appreciate you apologizing and thank you.
  • by Just curious Location: Beaufort County on Jul 7, 2010 at 09:21 AM
    TO RN SECONDFLOOR: Please accept my apology, I guess I got a touch of tunnel vision, thinking only of the ones that possibly could change their job but not thinking of those that for whatever reason are not in a position to. I just get tired of all the negativity; it can't be good for the outcome of the hospital. Sure change could be good but sometimes change can be bad. No one can be assured of their employment once things change, whether a worker bee or the Queen or King Bee, everything may get a makeover.
  • by "d" on Jul 7, 2010 at 09:03 AM
    seems that JUST CURIOUS may be alittle "unglued" today!
  • by RN SECONDFLOOR on Jul 7, 2010 at 08:02 AM
    TO CURIOUS: Lets see, what has kept me at BCMC. . .um, kids to feed, bills to pay, struggling from month to month. Can't afford to buy gas to drive all the way over the Greenville. . . tired car probably would not even make it. . .What a ridculous question to ask the employees. WE work there because we live life and life is not always good for MOST of us. You go on living your dream. In due time, someone IS going to come in here and clean this place out. I have been reading stuff for months and finally "just curious" finally got to me and I said to myself ENOUGH. . . I am going to put in my little say. It will not mean a nickle to anyone but at least I finally am feeling better. ASK most of us and we will ALL tell YOU the same thing. GO AHEAD. . . ASK US! To those of your outside the hospital. ..ASK US! The sooner it is taken over the better. Face it, the ones sweating it now are the ones in management. They are not assured of employment once thing change.
  • by Just curious!! Location: Beaufort County on Jul 7, 2010 at 05:19 AM
    I sit here amazed at all these negative comments from current employees, former employees about the management of BCMC, and all I can think is....what facility would want to merge with BCMC with all the name calling, finger pointing....where is all the loyalty? To negative current employees, if things are/were so bad, why then are you still there? Why haven't you found a better managed facility in which to work? What has kept you at BCMC if you have been so dissatisfied?
  • by sudsy on Jul 7, 2010 at 05:16 AM
    well, it's a new drum beat now and I can't wait to hear the new song. I can't believe that a hospital in the shape this one it in, is now a giving 20% bonus to those people already making 3 digit salaries! Hood, Bill, they all are/were working hard to close the hospital.
  • by Enough Said Location: Washington on Jul 7, 2010 at 03:04 AM
    Hey...don't you all know that Susan, Lynn, and Chris only had jobs because they did what Bill wanted. Remember the employees "escorted" out of the hospital because they didn't march to his drum... Our real problem is HOOD !!! Remember the time he thought we should close the he wants to close OB and psych units...he is working HARD to close the hospital.

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