Former Pirates reunite under the lights in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, NC -- In Wednesday's preseason opener, the Panthers beat the Texans by 10, but for East Carolina fans, the score never really mattered because their focus was on Bryce Williams, Dayon Pratt and Zeek Bigger.

Post-game, the three met on the field for an East Carolina reunion. Pratt is a linebacker for the Houston Texans and Bigger and Williams are fighting for a spot on the Carolina roster.

As soon as the game went final, these three hugged each other and said how proud they were of each other's progress.

"It was great to see those two guys and reunite with them," said Williams. "It's been so long since I have seen them and it's a good feeling."

"Man, it's cool," said Bigger. "Me and Bryce came out together. Dayon, which we call Sticks. He came out this year. He was a young bull to us and we took him under our wings and I am happy to see where he is at today. We are Pirates and we work hard and we want to succeed in everything that we do."

"It felt great," said Pratt. "I have been with them for 4-5 years and to see our dreams come true together and be able to play and compete together and still have all smiles after the game, it felt great."