WITN's Teacher of the Week: Terry Robbins of West Bertie Elementary School

BERTIE COUNTY, NC (WITN) - This week's WITN Teacher of the Week is Terry Robbins of West Bertie Elementary School.

Robbins has been an educator in North Carolina Schools for 25 years, teaching kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms.

She currently works at her alma mater, West Bertie Elementary School, which she attended as a child for six years.

Years later, Robbins went on to earn her Master of Education from Chowan University.

Robbins says one of the best parts of her job is being able to shape the minds of young children, while fulfilling her passion for learning and teaching.

In 2016, Robbins was named Teacher of the Year at West Bertie Elementary School.

The person who nominated Robbins wrote that she taught two of her children in second grade and that "they praised her even when they reached high school for the way she taught them how to dig into reading, dissect their phonics strategies, and pushed them to be more. When my children were able to teach their friends years later and say ‘this teacher made a difference in my life,’ it lets you know that educators are important. As a colleague I have taught under her and now beside her. She is a believer, inspirational, great colleague, and outstanding educator. If you could see her classroom you would want to stay too!”