WITN's Teacher of the Week: Joseph Noble from South Lenoir HS

This week's WITN Teacher of the Week is Joseph Noble, who teaches Agriculture Education at South Lenoir High School.

Noble is now teaching his 21st year with Lenoir County Public Schools. He says, “It is my passion to serve children and families by meeting their educational needs. I love the opportunity that it provides for me to engage students in hands-on learning activities as I help them to develop their leadership skills and career and college readiness. I am married to my wonderful wife Jessica and we have three children. I love working at South Lenoir and I am so proud of our school and community. We truly have a wonderful faculty and administration and I feel so fortunate to work with such a caring staff. We are proud of our school and we celebrate each accomplishment as a family. I consider it a true privilege to work with young people and I hope to be able to do so for many years to come.”

The person who nominated Noble said, “Noble spends long days working with his students, but there is nothing else he rather be doing. Noble spends hours after school to take FFA students to compete in competitions that provide leadership opportunities and advancements in one's personal growth. Noble has taught me two out of my three years in high school thus far and has trained me for an FFA competition every year. Because of Noble, I have grown in my leadership qualities, my public speaking qualities, my knowledge in agriculture ,and who I am as a person. Not only is Noble a teacher, he is also a volunteer immediate responder for a local volunteer fire department. If anyone is sick, is having an emergency, or if a fight breaks out Noble is one of the first teachers to be called. Along with teaching, Noble has been in school himself, going to gain more degrees under his belt. Noble is a man of passion. No matter what Noble does, he applies his heart. Noble cares about all of his students and does what he needs to prepare them for what is to come.”