Telephone scam targets veterans looking for healthcare

A new telephone scam is targeting veterans who are making some decisions on healthcare.

The Veterans Choice Program allows certain vets to use health care providers outside of the Veterans Affairs System.

If eligible, veterans or families can call a toll-free number to get started on the program.

But here's the problem: scammers have set up a phony telephone line that closely resembles the real program number and they're sending out letters to veterans with this fake number on it.

When you call the fake number, you'll hear an automated message that says you're entitled to a rebate if you give a credit card number.

The scammer will take your information without giving you anything in return.

If you're a veteran or helping one with healthcare, be aware that no government agency, including the Veterans Choice Program, will ever ask for financial information in this way.

The real number for the Veterans Choice Program is 866-606-8198.