Sleds selling out at stores ahead of winter storm

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - While winter storm preparations continued Friday, some people across the east scurried to gather materials for some fun in the snow.

At local stores, hats, boots and heavy coats were in full supply, but families also wanted to throw a sled or two into their carts. By Friday evening, snow toys were hard to come by.

"Thursday was the first day we had them and we sold through half of them, then this morning, an hour before we were suppose to open, we had sold out," says Eric Jarman, the owner of Stadium Sports.

"We sold out," says Gordon Fulp, the owner of Gordon Golf Ski & Snowboard. "We only have one or two sleds left and we have sold hundreds of them, so everybody is getting ready."

While residents in Eastern Carolina were gearing up for an action packed weekend in the snow, DOT workers were preparing the roadways with salt brine, with a whopping 15,000 gallons of it on hand in Pitt County alone.

"With the upcoming cold weather, looks like anything that stays on the road can refreeze and there's always a chance of black ice in the following days," DOT maintenance engineer Randy Hall tells WITN.

Crews will be working around the clock throughout the weekend, but officials are still urging everyone to stay off the roads if possible.

Residents say that's okay with them, because they know where the real fun will be.

"Anywhere you got good hills, Brook Valley, Greenville Country Club has got some really nice hills," says Fulp.

While the stores WITN visited Friday did sell out of sleds, they said they do plan to restock soon just in case this isn't the only snow we see.