Simply Natural Creamery celebrates national ice cream month

AYDEN, N.C. (WITN) - Simply Natural Creamery in Ayden hosted its first annual Ice Cream Festival Saturday to celebrate Sunday as National Ice Cream Day and July as National Ice Cream Month.

The creamery served ice cream from three different spots, but many people still had to wait in long lines to order their scoop.

More than 5,000 people are expected to attend the festival, Simply Natural Creamery Marketing Director Michael Fulcher said.

The festival featured more than 40 vendors selling a variety of crafts, produce and food.

On one side of the field children played in blow-up bouncey houses while festival-goer looked at antique cars and climbed up into tractors on the other side.

Simply Natural Creamery put an emphasis on making the festival family-friendly to entertain both children and adults, Fulcher said.

"That's what I am excited about, is everybody coming together from all over to be able to celebrate ice cream. John Moore who is doing our DJ said it feels like a family reunion here and that's really what we like most about it," Fulcher said.

The creamery scooped out 28 different flavors of ice cream throughout the festival with the most popular flavor being butter pecan, Fulcher said.

Simply Natural Creamery plans to host the Ice Cream Festival on the third Saturday of July every year from now on, Fulcher said.