SCAM ALERT: Phone call scam threatens arrest

A phone call scam is circulating the area, threatening people to pay up or risk being arrested.

A caller will pose as a law enforcement official, warning that there is a warrant out for your arrest.

A viewer tells WITN that he recently received this type of call from someone impersonating a sheriff's office deputy, threatening to arrest him for failing to appear for jury duty, unless he pays a secured bond.

The scammer then told him to send a green dot payment of close to $2,000, or else he will be taken into custody.

Another scam involves a robo-call message, asking you to call back immediately or else you will be arrested. People who respond are then asked to make a payment to avoid spending time behind bars.

These calls are scams meant to scare you, causing you to act out of urgency and hand over money.

Before falling victim, here are some things you should do:

-Hang up the phone immediately if you don't know the caller
-Alert local authorities and confirm the legitimacy of this call
-Always ask for a callers information, such as name, title and address
-Never act out of fear or urgency
-Never give out credit card information over the phone to an unknown caller
-Ask for a written notice

Remember, no legitimate claim should make you feel pressured to pay under short, unreasonable notice.

If you have reason to think that this call could be legitimate, always check with a lawyer and local authorities first.

If you do fall victim to this type of scam, call your bank and local authorities immediately.