SCAM ALERT: Fake employers target babysitters

With the school year coming to an end and summer right around the corner, many young men and women are looking for babysitting gigs.

If you decide to make a account to help make the job hunt easier, officials warn it's often a target for scammers.

Officials are warning users about two types of scams: the "over-payment scam" and the "pay in advance scam."

A scammer will pose as an employer and trick a potential babysitter into sending money or personal information.

The scammer will typically ask a sitter if they can pay them in advance or have them buy something they need, like a toy or wheelchair for their "child."

Once you cash the check, the scammer will ask you to send a portion of the money back and keep the rest for yourself.

But here's where the scam kicks in: the check is fake. When you try to send the money back to the so-called employer, the money will bounce back and you are left paying the bank.

To avoid this, warns users only to book jobs through their website, never over text message or Facebook.

The site says to only accept money after you've met with an employer and worked for them. If you are paid by check, only accept the exact amount you agreed to be paid.

Never give out personal information, like your social security number or credit card information. The website will only ask for your social security number when performing a background check when you first sign up, and a credit card number if you sign up for a premium account.