SCAM ALERT: Door-to-door solicitation scams rise this time of year

The Better Business Bureau of Eastern Carolina is warning people about a scam that could find its way to your front door.

The BBB says door-to-door solicitations are more common this time of year, but not all sales are legitimate.

While most salespeople are honest and reputable, there are solicitors out there who claim they are selling something, but leave you empty-handed.

To shop at your front door without falling victim to scammers, the BBB offers these tips:

-Ask for a photo id and business card from the seller
-Research the business and verify the individual
-Check to see if the seller has a solicitor's license
-Watch out for high-pressure sales tactics. Scammers will often tell you they live in your neighborhood and other neighbors have already bought the product
-Know your rights. The Federal Trade Commission has a Three-Day Cooling-Off Rule gives you three days to cancel a purchase over $25 that was made in your home or outside of the seller's business place
-Always ask for a receipt and cancellation form

On Monday, a former Greenville city employee was arrested for going door-to-door, posing as a city employee asking for donations for a sick co-worker.