Richlands passes Brunch Bill, Holly Ridge does not

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ONSLOW COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - City and town leaders across the east continue to weigh in on earlier Sunday alcohol sales, also known as the Brunch Bill.

Joe Shlabotnik / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Two more communities have joined the conversation, but with different resolutions.

Both Richlands and Holly Ridge, two towns out in Onslow County, have now made their decision. Richlands voted yes, but it never made it to a vote in Holly Ridge.

Town leaders say these decisions were made with little to no controversy.

Richlands town administrator Gregg Whitehead says no one in attendance at Tuesday night's Board of Aldermen meeting expressed support or opposition to the bill, which allows for alcohol sales to start at 10 a.m. versus noon on Sundays.

He says board members passed it unanimously.

The Holly Ridge mayor says at Tuesday night's town council meeting, only one council member made a motion to approve the bill.

However, she says no council members seconded the motion, so the the bill went null.

Businesses in Richlands and Holly Ridge say they're now setting their expectations from the outcomes.

"Given the two hours of early people coming in, it will help sales, at times we do have people come in that's from out of state that want to purchase alcohol," says Matthew Broughton, the assistant manager at the Piggly Wiggly in Richlands.

"We are doing the NFL Sunday ticket and it may effect a little bit on Sunday sales," says John Hugeback, the owner of Doc's 10-8 bar in Holly Ridge.

For those in Holly Ridge who may want to purchase alcohol earlier, they'll need to travel up to Surf City where the bill was approve in early July.

Several residents in Richlands and in Holly Ridge who disagreed with the bill citied religious reasons as why they don't believe alcohol should be sold earlier on Sundays.

Last week the Onlsow County commissioners voted against the bill.

For those businesses that lie outside of the Richlands town limits, they'll be unable to sell alcohol until noon.