Pitt County mom selling bracelets to support daughter's autism program

PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Zoey Redmon, 6, is the inspiration for her mom's new fundraising initiative to support Autism Center Based Program at Ridgewood Elementary School in Pitt County.

Laura Redman started making bracelets in exchange for monetary donations to help the program at the elementary school.

She say all teachers have needs in the classroom, but for students with autism, those needs go beyond your typical school supplies and may go unfulfilled.

Laura says she started the fundraiser Friday so she can help all students who depend on the teachers and programs, which have helped her daughter thrive.

"I don't know the funding situation for the program, I do know the teachers across the board spend entirely too much money out of their own pockets and so if I do anything, something to defray that cost, that I'd like to," Laura explains.

For every $5 donation, you can get bracelet. Her goal is $500.

The Pitt County School Systems says they're thankful to see a parent step up and help fulfill these needs in special programs like these.