Override of GenX funding bill veto & OBX plastic bags ban, complete

RALEIGH, NC (WITN) An environmental bill that includes some money to address the discharge of a little-studied chemical into a North Carolina river will become law despite Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's objections.

The Republican-dominated General Assembly completed an override of Cooper's veto Wednesday by a Senate vote of 30-9. The margin in the House vote earlier Wednesday favoring override also exceeded the constitutional requirement.

The measure gives $435,000 to help Wilmington-area utilities and a university respond to treat and remove from the Cape Fear River the chemical GenX, which was dumped into the river for years until recently. Cooper and his allies said the money would not address broader water-quality needs in the state and asked for $2.6 million for two Cabinet agencies.

The measure also repeals a ban on Outer Banks stores providing plastic bags to customers.