Oakwood School first in the state to offer New Horizons program

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Monday was the first day of summer and the first day some students headed to class.

The Oakwood School in Greenville is now offering the New Horizons enrichment program to rising first graders.

Kris Arnold, Executive Director of Horizons at Oakwood School, says, "Horizons started about 50 or so years ago up in Connecticut and so 20 years ago they started their actual national affiliate, so as it's grown. It's gone to 17 states around the country there are 51 affiliate sites. We're the first here in NC."

The curriculum is science technology, engineering, arts and mathematics based.

Rob Peterson, Head of Oakwood School, says, "One of the things that is so exciting is the reality that we are really reaching out to our community and our public schools and saying we want to partner and provide a quality of education here."

The Board of Directors at Oakwood School, along with East Carolina University and Pitt County Schools, partnered to offer Horizons in Greenville.

They invited students from Lake Forest Elementary and Falkland Elementary schools to sign up.

Faye Bordeaux, Oakwood School Board member at Oakwood Horizons, says, "The main mission of Horizons is to prevent the summer slide and the children, all of the children are from under served communities or low-income children."

The six-week program provides other important lessons, too, like swimming...and the cost next to nothing.

Kim Sayers, board member of Oakwood School and Horizons, says, "They pay $20.00 so they feel invested in the program. The program only works if they come everyday."

According to research, if programs like this didn't exist, by 3rd grade, some of these students could get so behind they wouldn't be able to catch up, causing drop out rates to increase.