NC boy bullied for wearing Navy uniform to school

DALLAS, NC (WCNC) - Watch the video for the whole story

Classmates have rallied around a Dallas, North Carolina boy after he was bullied for wearing his brother’s Navy uniform to school.

It was the day after September 11, 2017. 11-year-old Isaiah Picklesimer was missing his brother, Aaron.

“I love him and I support him,” he said. “My brother is a hero to me.”

So Isiah wanted to wear his Navy uniform to school.

“I miss my brother and I wanted to wear that to support,” he explained.

But middle school can be tough for a kid who stands out.

“Some kids bullied me and really hurt my feelings,” Isaiah said. “They said that my uniform was pajamas. That I was a joke. I said you don’t understand, I’m trying to support my brother.”

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