Marines make pleas for trespassing during Alamance County Confederate rally

Joseph Manning & Michael Chesney

ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC (WITN)- A Camp Lejeune Marine and a Cherry Point Marine were sentenced to time served after pleading guilty to trespassing during a rally at a Confederate monument back in May.

Staff Sgt. Joseph Manning and Sgt. Michael Chesney were arrested in Graham in Alamance County on May 20th.

Yesterday, Manning pleaded guilty to first degree trespassing. Chesney accepted an Alford plea which means he concedes there is enough evidence to convict, but does not admit to committing the crime.

The judge sentenced the pair to time served, which officials confirm was 8 hours in jail before being released on bond. They are also required to pay court and legal fees.

Police say that the pair climbed on top of a building prior to a Confederate Memorial Day rally and unfurled a banner which read, in part, "YWNRU", which stands for "You will not replace us". This was also chanted by demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past August.

As of this past September, Staff Sgt. Manning was being processed for discharge for the arrest.