Las Vegas shooting has Vidant looking at mass casualty response

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GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) The influx of injured victims in the Las Vegas massacre flooded hospitals and they're now assessing how they were able to handle the hundreds of patients who arrived by ambulance or personal vehicles.

For medical professionals here, they're looking at their own plan of action if a mass shooting happened here.

Dr. Ted Delbridge, Vidant Medical Center's Emergency Center Chief says, "A tragedy on the scale like Las Vegas would be one we would have to count on our partners and trauma care and health care throughout the state to take care all the people at one time."

That includes Greenville Fire/Rescue. Deputy Chief Brock Davenport says, "There are many different tools. We could use the hospital has mass casualty response team. We have a response casualty response trailer here where people can be treated at the scene, the ones that are not seriously injured, that's where the triaging begins."

Annual training for emergencies like a mass casualty situation helps, but they know as the only hospital in 29 counties with the higher level of capabilities, there are still concerns.

Dr. Delbridge says, "We don't have the advantage of Las Vegas or Los Angeles or Houston where we have multiple big medical centers in one place, but we have really strong working relationships and the transportation networks to get people where they need to be to get the care that they need."

Dr. Delbridge says they learn from tragedies that occur across the nation and look at how emergency responders handle these situations , so they can be better prepared in the future.