How to make the scam calls stop

If your phone is ringing non-stop with unknown callers, you aren't alone.

The Better Business Bureau says they've received almost 6,000 scam call complaints since January, an increase from this time last year.

While these calls are annoying, they can also be dangerous, as scammers are often phishing for personal information.

So how can you make it stop? The easiest way is to not answer.

As soon as you pick up, the scammer knows you have an active line, making them more likely to continue calling you. Some scammers will even sell your number to other scammers, according to the BBB.

But if it's too late for that, there are other ways to stop the calls from coming:

-Be cautious of automated messages asking you to press a number on your keypad. Hang up instead of letting the caller know you have an active number.
-If scammers say they are with a business or organization, hang up and find the appropriate number. Ask to speak with a representative to confirm the legitimacy of the call.
-Join the Do Not Call Registry at or download apps like Hiya or Nomorobo to block callers and be alerted of scams.
-File a scam report with the BBB's Scam Tracker and on the Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call List to help others avoid being scammed.