ECU psychologist offers information to battle the holiday blues

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) Red and green are common colors associated with the holiday season, and experts are weighing in on how to make sure you know how to keep out the blues.

While the holidays are generally a time filled with happiness and celebration, psychologists say the increased demand that comes with it -- the shopping, preparation, traveling and time spent with extended family -- can cause stress and anxiety.

They say people with a history of depression are more likely to feel down during the holidays, but anyone can experience it due to the change in routine.

ECU psychologist Dr. Matthew Whited says, "It's a time of increased demand and stress so it's kind of normal for us to feel a little down at points, especially when we've had a really exhausting day that wasn't very rewarding for us. And that's why I think it's important to take some time, time for yourself, a little time out in order to kind of recuperate and refresh."

Dr. Whited says people who feel a little down should use some of their free time this holiday season to do a hobby or task they've been putting off that makes them feel good.