Crystal Coast sees beach goers thanks to warm December day

CRYSTAL COAST, N.C. (WITN) - While some were enjoying ice skating Tuesday, others were hitting the beach with the mild temperatures.

The cloudy start to the day didn't keep people from visiting the beaches along the Crystal Coast.

Both visitors and residents said a warm day like Tuesday gave them the perfect excuse to dip their toes in the water and walk along the beach.

Kids and adults filled the shore along Atlantic Beach in Carteret County, many saying they are happy to see this weather in December, especially since so many other parts of the country are dealing with lots of snow.

"It's great, that's the best part of living in North Carolina, we're from Long Island and it's cold up there, there's no snow here so we're very happy to be here, it's nice," says one beach goer, Rich Russo.

As the day went on and more of the clouds gave way to sunshine, more and more people started to head to the beaches to enjoy the warmer weather.