Slow left lane driving bill out of gas

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RALEIGH, NC (AP) - North Carolina lawmakers have rejected a pair of driving bills - one involving highway speeds and the other directing vehicles of motorists cited for driving without a license be towed away.

A Senate transportation committee voted Wednesday against recommending a measure by Sen. Jeff Tarte of Cornelius making it a $200 fine to drive less than the speed limit or impede steady traffic in the left lane on most highways. Opposing senators said current law already prohibits such driving and worried it could lead to police citing drivers who refuse to exceed the speed limit.

A House judiciary panel separately refused legislation from Rep. George Cleveland of Jacksonville directing police tow away and store vehicles of unlicensed drivers they cite. Committee members cited due process and timing concerns.

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Do you ever get behind a driver in the left lane who refuses to give up the lane when you're trying to pass?

Well, those drivers could be fined if a bill filed Thursday in Raleigh becomes law.

Right now there's nothing illegal in North Carolina for a motorists to drive slow in the left lane.

But several state senators want colleagues to pass a law to make that illegal.

Under Senate Bill 303, you could be fined $200 if you drive below the speed limit, or impede the flow of traffic while traveling in the left lane.

The bill would apply to most four-lane highways with medians in the state.

Several other states already have similar laws on the books to help keep slow drivers out of the left lane.