Beaufort County woman stranded with others on St. Thomas headed to Florida

ST. THOMAS, (WITN) A Beaufort County woman trapped on St. Thomas on the Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma is now headed to Florida.

Jennifer Nelson and her boyfriend Richard Alligood were vacationing when Irma struck.

Jennifer's mother tells us they, and others, boarded a cruise ship Tuesday headed to Miami.

They're expected to arrive in Florida Thursday night.


A Beaufort County woman who is currently trapped on St. Thomas on the Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma's pass, called WITN Friday night to get information on Hurricane Jose's path.

Jennifer Nelson of Chocowinity, who came to the island this past Saturday for vacation, described a nightmare as Irma swept by on Wednesday around 10 a.m.

She tells us they were holed up inside a cement bunker from 8 am to 8:30 pm as the storm made its pass.

Nelson says, "It was horrifying -- not knowing if you were going to make it through that -- it was devastating hearing the winds and you could literally see the wall moving in and out -- looked like it was about to bust any minute. This whole island is a wreck -- there's trees down -- there's cars flipped over -- there's houses gone. I've never seen anything like it."

Nelson says another problem is price gouging. She says the resort they are staying at charged them $300.00 to sleep on the floor and are continuing to charge them $300.00 a night.

Nelson says right now they have water and food and just got hot water. They and other Americans are working with FEMA to get a flight out to them as soon as possible.