AUTOPSY: Inmate died after being tasered, pepper sprayed by officers

GOLDSBORO, NC (WITN) - An autopsy say a Wayne County jail inmate who died after a struggle with police officers had been pepper sprayed and tasered.

Graydon Parker III of Goldsboro was arrested for breaking into a car back in May.

Officers say the 54-year-old refused to cooperate and was also charged with resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer.

Parker continued to struggle with officers at the jail and they had trouble calming him, according to officers.

The man's autopsy, which was released today, said he was placed alone in a holding cell and that began to bang his head and smeared human waste. After multiple applications of pepper spray, the autopsy says Parker complied to lie on the floor.

Parker was taken to a shower for cleaning. While in the shower, the report says the man again became combative, and he was tasered with no effect.

Parker was then pinned to the ground by five members of the jail staff and a state trooper. The autopsy says the man was tasered again by the trooper, and then he "deployed barbs, which reportedly slowed the decedent".

Less than a minute later, the autopsy says Parker went into cardiac arrest.

Resuscitation efforts were immediately administered, and Parker died two days later at UNC Wayne Health Care.

The autopsy lists the death as a homicide, with the death caused by "anoxic encephalopathy due to resuscitated arrest following blunt force trauma, physical restraint, pepper spray use, and conducted electrical weapon application."

The SBI has turned its investigation into the death and whether proper force was used to the Wayne County district attorney.