PCSO: Equifax breach makes us all vulnerable

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) A breach of Equifax data affecting143 million people is particularly troubling because it's an agency that gathers personal data on us and is supposed to protect our credit, says financial experts

Pitt County Sheriff's Office Detective David Flynn says, "They know everything about you. Everywhere you ever lived, every purchase you ever made and loan you've ever applied for. It's all out there."

Detective David Flynn deals with financial computer crimes with the Pitt County Sheriff's Office and says this type of hack puts a large number of us at risk.

Flynn says, "We're all vulnerable and things happening, they seem to happening more frequently."

Kurt Fickling, an instructor in the Department of Finance at ECU, says the information provided through Equifax is not something you give them.

Fickling says, "They get information from our credit card companies, from our banks, from everything we do that has a financial transaction on it and they compile that information and create a credit score for you, so they got information that we didn't give them.

And now that it's out there, the only thing you can do is monitor any financial transactions.

Equifax is offering a free service to help you catch unauthorized use.

If you sign up for the free credit monitoring from Equifax, the company says it will not waive your right to take legal action against them.

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