Splash Country Grilled Bologna Sandwich Monday, July 5, 2010


A Splash Country Recipe

1 Hamburger bun
1 slice of grilled bologna (each slice ¼ pound)
Leaf lettuce
1 slice of tomato
1 slice of American cheese
1 gerkin pickle
Aioli sauce (warm)


Cook bologna to desired temp/texture. Place cooked bologna onto the bottom piece of the hamburger bun and top with the slice of cheese. Place leaf lettuce and tomato on top of the bologna. Spread desired amount of aioli sauce on to the top bun. Place together and garnish with a Gerkins pickle and a pick.

If you are going to grill bologna, you have a couple of choices. The easiest one is to buy a hunk of unsliced bologna and slice it yourself about ½ inch thick. The other way is to buy a 3 lb chub of bologna and slice it the same way. Bologna grills great. In fact, it is better for you grilled than just sliced. Some of the fat cooks out. However, if you do not want to start the grill, use a good grill pan and grill it on the stove. Now I can hear you saying “Aioli”???? It is a garlic flavored mayonnaise. Look at the recipe we did about three weeks ago for a grilled chicken sandwich with “Boom Boom” sauce. That idea will work here fine.


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