Ashamed Of My Generation

By: I Witness - Regina Padgett
By: I Witness - Regina Padgett

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I hate to say this but the more I look around me the more ashamed I become of my generation. What happened to good ole family values and being able to let your kids (that use to be us) run around on the street without having to worry about them? Today’s generation is more worried about their stupid video games and what people think of them that they disrespect the very generation that raised us. I know when I was growing up my mom would always tell me to “If your homework is done, go outside and play”. Our parents didn’t use video games or televisions as a babysitter so why are we? They came outside and threw ball with us and played dodge ball, have you been outside with your child lately or even given them 15-20 mins a day of “your” time? They gave us chores to do and we didn’t talk back because if we did we got a whooping and a well deserved one at that! I remember going to school with a welt across my face from the riding crop catching me when my mom was whooping my brother and I for fighting, my teacher didn’t call DSS she looked at me, asked me what happened and said I deserved it and that was the end of it. The problem now a day is you can’t do that, there is a difference between child abuse and discipline. The reason you have all these young kids on the streets killing one another and getting away with it is because they lack discipline because parents are too afraid to do anything. I look around me and I would love to slap some of my peers upside the head and say “What the hell’s the matter with you?! You don’t talk to your elders like that!” When on God’s green earth did it become ok for someone to disrespect their elders? To snicker behind their backs? To cuss at them or even to harm them? Wake up people, this same generation that is doing this is raising the children that are suppose to take over when we are gone, what kind of example are we setting for them? What type of legacy are we leaving them? One that is blood stained and financially unstable that’s what! My generation walks around on a high horse like we’re better than everyone when indeed we’re not, we’re bringing America down. Instead of going out on a Friday night just to hang out at the mall with some friends the kids today are going out and shooting people, doing drugs, having sex and getting killed. How much of this has to go on before we open our eyes? We need to get a grip on things now! I have two young boys and I look at them every day and thank god for such a wonderful gift even if they’re driving me crazy cause they’re fighting and arguing, that’s where discipline comes in and being held accountable for your actions. I realize it was my choice to have my children nobody else’s and that only me and their father are responsible for them, it’s called accountability. We have too many children having children because parents would rather their children be off doing whatever then actually taking responsibility for them as a parent. Also, where did the work ethic of our parents go? How come so many people my age are out of work or don’t want to work and expect mommy and daddy to pay for everything? I started my first job when I was 8 years old, no that’s not a typo, I was 8, my first job was picking blueberries for $3 for a 5lb bucket. On my first payday my mom showed me responsibility she told me that since I was making my own money I would have to buy my own school supplies and I did from that day forth when I wanted something I bought it with my own money (besides the necessity such as food & shelter). I’m not saying by no means did I have a cushy life, there was times when we were homeless living in our car, or in a campground or even a hotel, or even without electricity and had to bathe in the creek behind the house where when you put your hair in the water it froze instantly and gave you a headache cause it was so cold but I’m still alive and I’m a strong believer of what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and it did. I have learned to value things a lot more since they were not handed to me. I bought my first car on my own it was only $200 and full of tons of bondo but it was mine and I paid for it. After high school my parents didn’t have the money to send me to college but I didn’t play the woe is me card I joined the Marine Corps and then took the knowledge I learned from there to land a civilian position with the Federal Government. I’m 25 years old and a GS07. I hear it all too often in the position I’m in, I come from a broken home, my family is poor I have no other choice…..YES you do! I come from a broken home my father was a drug addict and a drunk when he left, he held a gun to my head and threatened to shoot me but I don’t hold onto that as an excuse for anything. Every man my mother was with since was on some types of drugs but I don’t cling to that as my explanation for failure if anything I utilize it to give me more strength to know I won’t accept failure I can’t because I’m not going to put my children through what I went through. So what if you’re broke find ways to pinch money. Do you really need that starbucks coffee in the morning? Do you really need those designer clothes that you can get most the time at a second hand shop with the tags still on them? Do you, NO you don’t. Instead of being selfish and spending your money on frivolous stuff think about ways to cut cost and spend your money wisely. I buy in bulk because of my past, I want to make sure when money is tight my children do not go without so when I have any little extra I make sure to hoard it. I am in debt I’m not going to lie but I’m paying my bills back the best I can, one bill at a time. My husband and I have no one else to blame for out debt and we realize that and we’re taking responsibility for it. I look around me and I’m ashamed, I work with people who are elder to me and even though I disagree with some of their work procedures I’m not going to talk to them in a disrespectful manner because of the simple fact they are elder to me. I might go to my cubicle and cuss to myself about the situation but that’s a different matter. Our generation has the potential to be the best yet but we are ruining it by not giving it all we’ve got and instead settle for far less.
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