What's Going On In Our Country Right Now?

By: Christine Kennedy
By: Christine Kennedy

I'm motivated to write this blog about what's happening to us as Americans with all the political and financial drama lately. I really wonder if I'm the only one who is seeing a nasty side of people unleashed.

I've gotta admit, when all this election hoopla began...oh...let's say about two years ago...I became interested in the coverage...but lately the situation has gotten out of control in my opinion.

I don't care what side you're on, clearly I can't admit my personal beliefs, but what I can say is over the course of the last three or so months I've seen an ugly side this election has brought out of many Americans...whether it be Republican, Democrat or undecided.  I hate all of this deep seeded racism, sexism, ageism...and overall hatred that seems to be seeping out of people.

Obviously our country is in a bit of a pickle lately.  Our financial market is an out of control sea-saw, people's home's are being foreclosed on a daily basis, companies that survived the Great Depression have now collapsed, thousands of qualified workers find themselves out of a job and then the people that have jobs have to spend a good deal of their money on putting gas in their tank to get to their job...goodness...it just goes on an on...doesn't it?

I'm not trying to be negative...just realistic!  I look at my 82 year old grandmother, a woman that's lived through a lot of tough times, and even she's throwing her hands up in disbelief...before throwing them together to pray for something better.  It all makes me wonder, how much worse are things going to get before they get better? 

So many are putting a great deal of the future into the hands of the next man who'll lead the country.  I guess I am as well, but goodness is it really all out of our hands?

Ok, sorry...back to the point here...and I'm back on the soapbox...haha.

What in the world is going on with everyone when it comes to this election?  People seem to be taking sides to the point that if you're voting for one person or the other there's so much resentment.  It's ugly tension...really ugly!  Even in our newsroom I'll admit we'll get into healthy discussions over what you all say in your comments on the Internet stories.  We take a lot of consideration into what we post and try to keep it fair...but like anything else...it can be tough to keep things balanced.  Even when we're debating these things however, there are so many different arguments for why things should or should not be posted. 

What I've found is people seem to enjoy attacking each other more than attacking the actual issues...and I'm saying this on both sides!!  Perhaps it's easier to attack a person for what he or she believes because we can't understand that side.  Regardless, I'm sick of it.  I'm really hoping and praying that things get better in 2009, and not just in the market or on the job front, but for our psyche and overall well being.  After all, regardless of what we think, feel or believe, we're all Americans...and to me that's something to be proud of.

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