Economy & Depression...Of The Mind!

There apparently is a depression when it comes to the economy. A mental depression.

There apparently is a depression when it comes to the economy. A mental depression.

This is different mind you than the claim by some that the tough economic times are all in our head. The tough times are actually leading to mental depression, according to researchers.

An article in USA Today says "Requests for therapists increased 15 to 20 percent in the past three months, primarily driven by concerns about the financial situation." Many people probably have a certain level of anxiety or stress when it comes to the economy and how it impacts them.

The one thing distressing to me was that the article didn't bother to mention what those stressed out should do. I don't have the answer for high gas prices, job security or dwindling savings, but I came across a great list of ways to deal with stress in general that just might help ease your mind.

Motivational speaker, author and coach Harriet Meyerson, who has given seminars on lowering stress, keeps these tips posted on her Web site, Perhaps they might help you.

1. Get up 15 minutes earlier. 2. Prepare for the morning the night before. 3. Avoid tight-fitting clothes. 4. Don't rely on memory. Write it down. 5. Practice preventive maintenance. 6. Make duplicate keys. 7. Say "no" more often. 8. Set priorities in your life. 9. Avoid negative people. 10. Use time wisely. 11. Simplify meal times. 12. Make copies of important papers. 13. Anticipate your needs. 14. Repair things that don't work properly. 15. Ask for help with the jobs you dislike. 16. Break large tasks into bite-size portions. 17. Look at problems as challenges. 18. Smile. 19. Un-clutter your life. 20. Be prepared for rain.

21. Tickle a baby. 22. Pet a friendly dog or cat. 23. Don't know all the answers. 24. Look for the silver lining. 25. Say something nice to someone. 26. Teach a kid to fly a kite. 27. Walk in the rain. 28. Schedule playtime into every day. 29. Take a bubble bath. 30. Be aware of the decisions you make. 31. Believe in yourself. 32. Stop saying negative things to yourself. 33. Visualize yourself winning. 34. Develop your sense of humor. 35. Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day. 36. Set goals for yourself. 37. Dance a jig. 38. Say hello to a stranger. 39. Ask a friend for a hug. 40. Look up at the stars.

41. Practice breathing slowly. 42. Learn to whistle a tune. 43. Listen to a symphony. 44. Watch a ballet. 45. Read a story curled up in bed. 46. Do a brand-new thing. 47. Stop a bad habit. 48. Buy yourself flowers. 49. Take time to smell the flowers. 50. Find support from others. 51. Ask someone to be your "Vent Partner." 52. Do it today. 53. Work at being cheerful and optimistic. 54. Put safety first. 55. Do everything in moderation. 56. Pay attention to your appearance. 57. Strive for excellence, not perfection. 58. Stretch your limits a little each day. 59. Look at a work of art. 60. Hum a jingle.

61. Maintain your weight. 62. Plant a tree. 63. Feed the birds. 64. Practice grace under pressure. 65. Stand up and stretch. 66. Always have a Plan B. 67. Learn a new doodle. 68. Memorize a joke. 69. Be responsible for your own feelings. 70. Learn to meet your own needs. 71. Become a better listener. 72. Tell someone "Have a good day." 73. Throw a paper airplane. 74. Exercise every day. 75. Learn the words to a new song. 76. Get to work early. 77. Clean out one closet. 78. Play patty cake with a toddler. 79. Go on a picnic. 80. Take a different route to work.

81. Leave work early (with permission) just for you. 82. Put an air freshener in your car. 83. Watch a movie and eat popcorn. 84. Write a note to a far-away friend. 85. Go to a ballgame and scream for your team. 86. Cook a meal and eat by candlelight. 87. Remember that stress is an attitude. 88. Keep a journal. 89. Practice a monster smile. 90. Remember: You always have options. 91. Have a support network. 92. Quit trying to "fix" other people. 93. Get enough sleep. 94. Talk less and listen more. 95. Freely praise other people. 96. Recognize the importance of unconditional love. 97. Set appointments ahead. 98. Cherish your family and friends, and let them know it. 99. Relax. And remember: you have the rest of your life to live.

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