My Own Wild Wild East!

All this week on WITN News at Sunrise & 6 p.m., we're taking a look at some of the creatures you may encounter in Eastern Carolina. I recently had a scary experience at my home.

All this week on WITN News at Sunrise and 6 p.m., we're taking a look at some of the creatures you may encounter in Eastern Carolina.  I recently had a scary experience at my home.

I usually get home from work around midnight.  My pug, Sam, typically needs to go outside one last time before going to sleep for the night.  Normally I don't turn on the porch light, but this night I did.  When I did,  I nearly jumped out of my shoes.  I made enough commotion to wake up my wife.  We both couldn't believe what we saw on the front porch...the same porch I just walked across to get into the house!

The spider on the porch was the biggest I had ever seen.   I don't wince at little spiders or even medium size spiders.  But gigantic spiders...that's a different story.   

Now you have to realize this spider was probably about the size of a golf ball, plus its legs.  And it looked fuzzy.  So I did what any husband would do.  I told my wife to kill it!  She grabbed a dustpan and whacked it.  I couldn't watch.  Then I heard what sounded like a faint scream.  It seems what looked like fuzz on the spider was actually dozens and dozens of babies clinging to their mother's back.  Now we were really in trouble.  Or at least my wife was.  I was inside.

Moments later (but what seemed like forever) she made her way back inside.  Mission accomplished...all spiders were gone.

I fearlessly made my way outside with Sam so he could do what he does and go to bed.  Though I knew I wouldn't sleep much that night.

I subsequently learned a few things about that terrifying spider.  It was a Wolf spider, which is generally not harmful to humans. It can inject venom though, if it bites.  Wolf spiders are actually beneficial to have around because they can help control harmful insects.  But trust me...they are scary looking.

When I go home now at night, you can bet I watch where I walk.  I also make sure the porch light is on.  And yes, we have encountered another Wolf spider.  This time we (my wife) just nudged her off the porch.  I hope we won't regret it! 

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