What's "Bugging" You?

By: Chris Mossman
By: Chris Mossman

General Manager Chris Mossman addresses viewer e-mail from early March. Topics include bugs crawling on your screen, Extreme Home Makeover and our Business Break Hosts.

What’s Bugging you? For starters, many people are talking about the Terminix ad on witn.com. Personally, I think it’s one of the most creative on-line advertisements I’ve ever seen but then again, we work in a fifty+ year-old facility that has bugs. Apparently part of my job is to pick up the dead bugs because they don’t bother me the way they upset others. I have received a few complaints from witn.com users telling us that the bugs gross them out and they wish we’d “kill” the ad. We have considerable expenses tied in to witn.com and we depend on reputable businesses like Terminix to advertise on the site. My bottom line? If you don’t like bugs, load our website on your computer but wait about five seconds so you can avoid watching the bugs scurry across your screen. Oh yeah, and call Terminix to make sure you don’t have any bugs in your house.

The talk of Martin County, and much of Eastern North Carolina, is the Extreme Makeover Home being constructed in Jamesville. We’ve posted over 250 comments on this story and rejected over 250 more. I’ve also had e-mails asking us why we’re “only posting positive comments”. Frankly, if anyone has time or energy to wade through all the comments posted on the site, you’ll quickly discover that not everybody in Martin County is excited about the Cooper family’s good fortune. We have a set of guidelines that we endeavor to follow when approving or rejecting comments for witn.com. Rule #3 states “ We do not post inflammatory comments specifically referring to people who are not public figures.” While you could certainly argue that the Cooper family have now become public figures, we’ve opted to err on the side of caution.

We’ve had viewers ask us about the hosts of our “Business Break” segments. Here’s the policy that we share we station advertisers: You can have the host of your choice provided they do not currently work for a competitive television station. Ashley Stephenson, Carrie Terrian and Karin Goodhue are WITN employees that do appear on WITN Business Break segments. Jeff Diamond is the new host for Greenville Nissan’s “Business Break” segments and you may recognize him from the radio as he anchors the 9am-2pm shift on 107.9FM. My predecessor in the Big Chair at WITN is Michael Weeks and he is now the guru behind the aptly named “Michael Weeks Agency”. Michael is currently host of Whitley Law Firm’s Business Break segments. And finally, John Coffman and Todd Howell never fail to bring a smile to my face as co-hosts of the Coffman’s Men’s Wear Business Breaks.
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  • by Zoe Location: NE NC on Jan 25, 2010 at 03:53 AM
    This bugs me... Why isn't BOTH sides of an issue presented --like a debate. That's the fair way. Most people just 'parrot' what they hear w/0 thinking, jumping on whatever bandwagon is 'popular'@ the moment. The subject is 1 just heard today on ur news...distraction of cell phones have on driving. My issue is only giving 1 side of cell phone being 'a distraction' while driving: I say u might as well ban others being n vehicle/driver, especially children and babies (arguing, crying/screaming), radio also which all those can be a distraction. I can understand texting b/c your eyes are off the road (typing/reading), but the other things I've mentioned here are at least as distracting, if not more so than TALKING on a cell phone. But everytime I hear of the 'distraction' of cell phones being a distraction while driving, I NEVER hear of the more distracting issues while driving. The ONLY difference is there is not a 'body' in the car, which sometimes that itself can be more distracting!
  • by voter Location: nc on Jul 4, 2009 at 10:38 PM
    RAFAEL;;; press one.
  • by John Location: Havelock on Jun 9, 2009 at 09:45 PM
    This bugs me... And it should bug everone else who has a NC auto insurance policy. We have to pay a premium on our policy to off set the cost of insurance that a person will a bad driving record would have to pay. Rather than making those people pay what they deserve to pay for insurance, we as "good" drivers are being penalized for their driving record. If you cannot pay the insurance rates you deserve to pay becasue you cant drive - sell your car and walk. Keeping the bad drivers on the road cost us a lot. They are the ones that are getting multiple DUIs, causing accidents due to speeding, inattention, and not knowing "the Rules of the Road. They kill people and destroy property! While I'm on the driving bit - does anyone in this state know that the left lane is a passing lane and that there is a law that requires drivers to keep right except to pass?
  • by John Location: Havelock on Jun 9, 2009 at 09:32 PM
    The North Carolina "Educational" Lottery... I realy want to know were the millions (or was it billions) of dollars are going that is being made from ticket sales. Schools are shutting down, programs are being cut, teachers forced to take unpaid leave and pay cuts, schools required to "pay back" money to the state. Someone is making alot of money from the "educational" lottery becasue I do not see any of that money making its way to the schools that need it. North Carolina has got to have the most corrupt and greedy officials of any state I've lived. The politicians of NC remind me of Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazard. No common sence, and if it doesnt finacialy benifit them personally than its not worth the time. The way this state manages its money is disgracefull.
  • by Pearl Location: Washington on May 27, 2009 at 07:36 AM
    I am one of those people that use a handicap placcard in my window. People look at me like I am dirt when I get out of my car. But just because my handicap doesn't show, doesn't mean that I don't have one. My heart is my handicap. Walking a distance in the cold or heat, causes me to have Chest pain. You don't see everyones handicap. It is just not visible. So don't be so judgemental of everyone that hangs one in there windshield, you may be the next one that has a problem that just doesn't show.
  • by Mr.Delma Beach Location: Bear Grass,NC on May 9, 2009 at 03:18 PM
    I'm getting extremely tired of certain people who abuse handicapped parking. They may have a placecard, (by lying to their doctors or using their dead mothers), but are able to get out,go in & walk around for hours shopping. They are taking advantage of the people who need it. I wish you would take your camera and ask individuals you will see, why do they do it. Also, ask MD's why they so easily pass them out .Ask the police why they don't watch closer. It would be a good story for you to cover.Maybe some of these people would learn a lesson. I'm sick of it!!! i'm disabled and have almost given up shopping. I believe that the only people who should use them are those determined by SSI to be disabled. Maybe there should be closer "DISABLED" parking and put handicapped on all the rest.Run a story,help out the disabled and expose the fake handicapped. Thanks for any help.
  • by WORKER Location: nc on Apr 29, 2009 at 01:16 PM
    Being the fact that all state workers are being told that our income will be cut 0.5 percent till the end of the fascial pay year and it looks like noone thinks we are worth the time or energy . We ten hours being allotted to us being june and december wouldn't it be a great thing for all to take july 6th off that monday after to show unity between departments
  • by Gregory Location: Greenville on Apr 1, 2009 at 10:45 PM
    What really bugs me is that WITN loves weather so much that they need to have 5 weather forecasters. Talk about a waste of money! Marvin and Jim can do it on their own!
  • by Mary Lou Location: Washington, NC on Mar 24, 2009 at 07:22 AM
    I do not know how to get more coverage on our essay writing contest to help a NEEDY family get a home. It is going slow but I am keeping the faith and not going down without a fight. We may only have 26 entries, a long way to 2700 and my husband has made me promise that the final deadline will be April 15th. We are having another open house on 4-4 from 10-2. I am still going to do all I can so a family who never thought they could own their own home will be awarded this house. A woman from one entry called and when I told it it was going very slow she cried and said this was her only hope of ever owning a home for her family. I know there will be losers, but even if we sold tickets wouldn't there still be losers? I feel helping 1 family is one less out of struggling to survive and gain some pride for themselves to have a better chance in life. Please keep us in your prayers, as I said I am not giving up until April 15!
  • by Cyndi Location: Goldsboro on Mar 17, 2009 at 08:11 PM
    Why don't all the politicians help out and cut their salaries by 50%. Sounds like a winner to me. Oh yeah, all those big execs can too, or get fired! My friend Karen is in 100% agreement with me about this!
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