Driving Too Slow

We all know that speeding can be dangerous, but what about driving too slow?

 We all know that speeding can be dangerous, but what about driving too slow?

I couldn't figure out why traffic was going so slow on one road I was on today until I got closer to the driver who decided to go 30 in a 45 MPH zone.

I try to have patience in these situations because there could be legitimate reasons why someone could be going slow.    The biggest one I can think of is if a passenger is in need of or just had medical attention and can't go any faster.  I have certainly been in this situation myself and understand.  But in today's incident...the driver was alone.

Some people may drive slow because they feel uncomfortable going the speed limit.  But if that is the case, should those drivers really be driving?  Are they only creating more of a hazard because they're not going the posted speed limit?

I know people can be ticketed for driving too slow, but today's driver must not have been going slow enough.  There was a law enforcement officer right behind her in an unmarked car who kept slamming on his brakes so he didn't ram into her.  But when they got to the stop light where the one lane then became two, he simply got in the other lane.

I know law enforcement officers have enough to deal with and don't need to worry about drivers going too slow.  But just like people speeding, it does seem to create another hazard, and the reasons they're going slow...possibly under the influence, uncomfortable behind the wheel, oblivious to their surroundings...could create even more.


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