Halloween Costumes… SEXY…SEXY…SEXY

By: Karin Goodhue
By: Karin Goodhue

Does anyone else notice how many female costumes begin their titles with SEXY?

Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s so much fun. You get to dress up and become someone else, have some candy, have some laughs - it’s a great time. Like the rest of the world, I will be attending a Halloween party this Saturday night, and I'm looking for the perfect costume. So I did a search online to see what’s out there. During my search, I couldn’t help but notice that A LOT of female costumes begin their title with one word – SEXY.

The Materialistic World is definitely bringing SEXY back with Halloween. And it’s coming with every costume and character you could think of. They all follow the same format with skirts barely covering the back end, tops cut way too low, four-inch heels, knee-high boots, and some extras like belts, gloves, hats, and wigs. It’s unfortunately become the new ghoulish standard for women.

During my online search, I found costumes such as: Sexy Cinderella, Sexy Little Red Riding Hood, Sexy Witch, Sexy Clown, Sexy Raggedy Ann, Sexy Prison Guard, Sexy Eskimo, and Sexy Rainbow Bright. I could go on and on, but my hands would hurt from typing and you would get bored reading. Let’s just say it’s not practical for Eskimos to show so much skin. And Cinderella’s dress was not so short that it showed half her buttocks. If it was, maybe I could have convinced my older brother to watch the Disney movie with me when I was a kid. And Zombies…really? They’re anything but attractive - I mean they eat human flesh for heaven’s sake.

So WHY does the world do this to women? We all know that Halloween gives cute girls a chance to dress risqué. Hey, I’ve done it. But can’t there be other options? Can’t there be a dress that doesn’t show what your mama gave ya? And I’m not talking about a potato sack, sumo wrestler outfit, or a size 18 costume. I’m talking about something practical, something fun, maybe a witch costume that goes to the knee.

There’s obviously some Mainstream Empire who’s created this “look”, and women are clearly buying into it because they wouldn’t keep the supply so high otherwise. But women need better choices. It’s discouraging to go in a costume store and see everything read SEXY. It's even more discouraging to try it on and attempt to look as sexy as the top-scale model with the perfect body on the cover. Last year, I needed a cop costume for a commercial and had a REALLY difficult time choosing one that showed the LEAST amount of skin.

So as I choose my costume this year, I hope I can find something not too revealing. Unfortunately I have a pretty high chance that SEXY will be in the title. Maybe I’ll just make something…


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