Is Everyone Right About The Media Taking Sides?

By: Christine Kennedy
By: Christine Kennedy

I'm not trying to bite the hand that feeds me by any means, but I'm intrigued but the current turn of the tide for a certain political candidate.

Sarah Palin.

It's a name you likely had never heard half a year ago, now if you don't know her you might be living under a rock.  The former Republican Vice Presidential candidate was thrown into the media spotlight.  Her life was dissected, her family's lives seemed there was no limit on how much we could know about Alaska's Governor.

At first, the media seemed intrigued.  Who was this woman?  What led her to politics...where is the video of her in a swimsuit or playing the flute or anchoring the news.  Much like Barack Obama when he first gained popularity, the national media bombarded her.  I can only imagine what news directors at CNN, Fox News and MSNBC were saying in the newsroom.  Actually, I can hear it in my head..."I want to know everything about this woman...when she sleeps...when she eats...what time she's brushing her teeth."  You get the point.

It seemed, in the beginning at least...Sarah Palin was a bit of a media darling.  Good looks, well spoken and great taste in eye wear.  But then, just as fast as she gained a fan base, the Sarah Palin haters came out....she's too conservative...her 17 year old daughter is unwed and pregnant...she doesn't have any experience.  Then there was the Charles Gibson interview and the Bush Doctrine incident.  And that was followed by Katie Couric's now infamous interview with Palin parodied on Saturday Night Live.  The media had a field day perhaps to the detriment of the Republican Party and John McCain's campaign as some have suggested.

But now, at least from my perspective, the media has shifted its coverage of her.  No longer are reporters digging through her trash to come up with some now they're in her kitchen helping prepare a meal.  Now, the media is hosting one hour specials dedicated to if she'll run for President in 2012.  And now, Palin's fighting back too, pretty much calling reporters out for what happened in the past.

It's just so interesting to me how this has changed.  What do you think?

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